Why don’t you open a restaurant?
You should open a restaurant?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that sentence…. Lately I have come up with a good answer, the truth:

I have a restaurant!  It’s in my house, it’s open  only to friends and family, and friends of friends, by invitation only, and the best part is that it’s free!

Recently I’ve started to share photos of the food that I cook on Facebook, this is a collection of the photo of the food that I cook; not everything that I cook ends up here, while everything I cook tastes good (to me); only the food that I deem good looking ends up here.  Also, if I am too hungry and I can’t find my camera: no photos.

I grew up in Italy, and now I live in the U.S., while I love Italian food, I am most intrigued by Modern American Cuisine, a mix of Mediterranean & California cuisine with some influences from Asia and South American cuisine.

In my cooking I try to challenge myself in cooking not only food that tastes good, but also food that is good for you (me), hence I have a few personal choices:

  • no to very little salt (Herbamare or himalayan pink salt);
  • no butter, I use extra virgin olive oil instead;
  • no refined wheat flour, I use whole wheat, at times spelt.  Occasionally I might make an exception and use semolina flour to make fresh pasta;
  • no sugar, no corn starch, no HFCS;
  • no microwave;
  • no teflon, I prefer to use stainless steel or cast iron.  I make an exception when making ciaffagnoni, crêpes, crespelle;
  • no meat of any kind, I do eat fish;
  • as much as I can I try to use organic and local ingredients;
  • while I grew up in Italy eating pasta virtually every day, I am now substituting Quinoa in lieu of pasta, it’s delicious, nutrient, and a whole grain.

Recipes: since cooking is Art, I believe that recipes are for inspiration purposes only, and shall not be followed to the letter; therefore I am not giving any recipes on this site, also because . . .  mostly I don’t follow any recipes, dishes vary in preparation depending on my mood, ingredients available, and level of experimentations, however MangiaMangia.com has recipes of some of the food that I cook.

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